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A parisian saturday

I was very excited to have my saturday off, even though I knew I’d have a lot of work to do on sunday with the American Academy of Neurology meeting coming up (and my 2 poster presentations to prepare). I still had a driving class scheduled early afternoon (which is kinda stressful with the test coming up) but I decided to take the afternoon off to relax and walk! Last summer, I woud run about 1 hour 3 times a week around the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero. I would leave home right when the sun would rise… When I’d make it to the top of the Trocadero (which faces the Eiffel Tower from accross the Seine), there wouldn’t be any tourists. Just me, a few runners, the rising sun and the inspiring beauty of the city. For some reason, I assumed I would get that same feeling of peace if I went in the middle of the day, and even worse a saturday. I was so disappointed when I got there. So many people…. too many! It was overwhelming. I sure had a good time watching tourists take the craziest photos of the Eiffel Tower… But it was not the same.

Seems that people don’t get tired of the Eiffel Tower, they even have to sell it in evey size and color imaginable….

I know I am lucky to be living in such a cool city. And I really don’t mean to complain so much, but really it was weird…. So please, if you ever come to visit Paris, remember me, suck it up, wake up early and go see the Eiffel Tower at sun rise. you won’t regret it!

After my quick visit to the Trocadero, I walk around a bit. Passed the statue of Ben Franklin:

Came accross a really cute flower store:

Some delicious looking cakes:

A quiet, unexpected church behind Rue de Passy:

These were the true highlights of my day.

The husband met me later and we finished our walk together. We came across this place:

I had planned to make a chicken curry for dinner but when the Husband suggested we have Cheese, Bread and Wine instead, I couldn’t resist.

Our living room lamp died last night so we enjoyed our dinner “aux chandelles” (by candle light). While the photos didn’t turn out, it was very romantic….

We had 3 types of cheeses (goat, cow and sheep). The sheep soft one was my favorite. We also had 5 types of bread: fig, walnut, dried apricot and hazelnuts (called the squirel bread), classic baguette and Pain rustique (dark wheat loaf). I enjoyed a couple glasses of a good Bordeaux red wine. It was perfect!


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Good Morning yall!!!!

I’m up early since I AM GOING ON VACATION TODAY! I can’t tell you how much I need a break. This wont be a long break though… just 5 full days…. but I’m so happy I can relax and get my mind off work for a little while. The hubby couldn’t get off though so I’m taking this short vacation with one of my girlfriends, who is as desperately in need for a break as me….

Since I’m leaving the sweet hubby behind we decided to go out to dinner last night. And we had so much fun, laughing and talking together. We went to a seafood restaurant (one with lobsters and crabs playing around in the windows before you mindlessly eat them!)…. I had the all-you-can-eat raw oysters meal and the hubby had a HUGE seafood platter with lots of shells, a crab, some crawfish and shrimps… Well, I stuffed myself silly with oysters, but gave up after 36! Still pretty good, but the waiter put me to shame by telling me that one person ate 13 servings of 12 oysters! Can you imagine: 156 oysters!!!!

We were pretty “seafooded out” by the end of our meal. But we still ordered desserts. Crazy, huh? I had the “Café gourmand”: an expresso served with a mini creme brulée, a scoop of sea salt caramel ice cream and a mini cup of fruit salad. And the hubby had a “baba au rhum”, a spongy cake soaked in rum with a lot of whipped cream. They even bring the rum bottle to the table for you to enjoy as much as you want on your cake…. INSANE!!!

Well, as you can see, it was a pretty extravagant dinner!!!! We first thought it would be an interesting meal to share with our american friends when they come visit…. But then decided that all you can eat raw seafood is something you can only truly enjoy if you are born French or have lived here long enough to start swearing in French when you walk in dog doo on a parisian sidewalk. And even then, only on special occasions, that should come few and far appart…. It’s kind of like andouillette or langue de boeuf….

So american fellows, enjoy your fried seafood as much as you can! After a meal like that one, the only way I can eat oysters again is fried in a Po Boy sandwich….

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Hi everyone!

What a great sunday! Travis and I had some visitors for brunch today! Our friends Floryse and Adrien who recently moved back to Paris from London came over for brunch with their 3 month old son Louis! This was a great opportunity for me to prepare a nice meal! Floryse is, just like me, very conscious about what she eats and prefers healthy brunches at my place than incredibly rich ones at restaurants. It is indeed hard to find a healthy place to go for brunch in Paris…

We started with a fried egg and a “Tartine de chèvre aux légumes grillés” (Multigrain toast with melted goat cheddar and grilled vegetables). We all had seconds of the tartines…

Since highschool, Floryse and I have always loved yogurt or “fromage blanc” with raspberries. It was our healthy dessert of choice. So I made her these Verrines de Fromage Blanc aux Framboises:

I used the cover recipe from the cookbook my mom gave me last week. I think I did pretty good!


  • Yogurt mixed with honey or agave syrup
  • raspberries
  • organic amaranth muesli (you can use any kind of muesli or granola)

I simply layered raspberries then yogurt then muesli then raspberries, yogurt, muesli then toped with a couple raspberries and a drizzle of honey! It was awesome.

Floryse and Adrien have developped a love for exotic fruits since the travelled to many exotic places like Thailand, Laos, La Réunion (french island in the indian ocean), mexico… So I couldn’t resist getting us a little tropical fruit basket with passion fruits, mini bananas, dragon fruit and a whole coconut which Travis had to saw open 😉

And without further ado, here is Baby Louis! He is so incredibly cute, smiles constantly and has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen! I am in love….

And here is the beautiful family:

Flo and Adrien, it is good to have you back!

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Sorry about not posting for so long! My eats haven’t been as interesting and as healthy as I would have liked this week. Lots of eating out for work.

But here are the highlight of the end of this week:

Pizza night with Fanny:

I had a great night on wednesday! Pizza and a movie (The Lake House). Gosh, I love this movie…. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock make the cutest couple! Pizza was great too. I picked up a Cured Ham and Rucola Pizza at this place called Croccante, a family owned italian restaurant in the 15th. My sister first took me to this tiny place about a year ago. It is small and cosy and feels very homey. The owner is really  friendly, his accent rough but enchanting, when like me, you like Italy so badly you wish you lived there. My friend Fanny and I were talking about living in Italy while waiting for our pizza to be made, and I was telling her that if I lived there, I’d probably give up my job, live in a small town, have a huge garden, and cook all day from my fresh produce…. Sounds fun…

On the side I enjoyed one of these goat cheese bites wrapped in italian ham. It was delicious.

Raw Honey and Peanut Butter toasts for breakfast:

This was my quick and easy breakfast of the week. More than once in the past few days I woke up too late to fix myself some nice oats or quinoa, but this is a healthy alternative that you can prepare in no time. This week I used the leftover whole wheat Hallah bread my sister made.


Have you ever had Raw Honey before? It is exceptionnal. We bought it at Whole Foods. This jar is the local (Texas) kind, but they also carry other brands that should be sold outside of Texas.

Quick Salad for the working bee:

Just thought I would show you what I usually eat for lunch. It doesn’t take much time to prepare but tastes delicious. I’ve always had something for salads. They often taste more interesting than sandwiches.

This contains: Romaine, red and yellow bell peppers, 1/4 avocado, parisian mushrooms (I buy them pre-sliced), reduced salt chicken deli meat, and crumbled low fat feta. For the dressing I use a balsamic vinegar glaze. Yum!


Are you one of those people who needs a bit of chocolate every day? Well I sure am. However I have very good self control with chocolate. I choose dark chocolates only and never have more than 1 or 2 squares. That’s the spirit: indulge in moderation!

Since I discovered the brand NEWTREE, my life has changed. I used to always get Lindt 70% or 85% (which I love still) but now I discoved healthy variety and it’s good to have a change sometimes.

From left to right:

  • dark chocolate with whole flax seeds,
  • ginger,
  • chili and flax seeds,
  • pink peppercorn,
  • Cherry

All of them are 73% cocoa and taste amazing. My favorites are the chili and the cherry one.

Which one would you choose?

Hope you are having a great day! I’m heading to the gym before my driving class. Then I might see my long time friend Floryse, her husband Adrien and their son Louis. They are moving back to Paris after 3 years in London!!! And I am very excited to see them. Especially Louis, whom I have not yet met! They are looking for an apartment in our neighborhood!

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If you like vegetarian food but would like to stay away from overpriced raw salads and bland tofus, Aquarius is the place to go. It is a very homey and cosy restaurant in the heart of the 14th district. The food is 100% homemade and organic, the prices are more than affordable and the service is pretty great!

Tonight we took our friends Naima, Henri and Thibaut to Aquarius for the first time. Thibaut later admitted that he was scared to not have his meat for dinner. But I think they ended up really liking the place. As usual, I stuffed myself silly but couldn’t resist their delicious desserts….

We started by spliting 2 starters: the hummus and the eggplant dip. Sooo good. Especially the eggplant one. The husband who doesn’t like sharing, had the seaweed salad. With our starters, we enjoyed our Kir Royal à la Rose (Champagne with rose water): incredible!

By the time our main dishes arrived, I had totally forgotten about picture taking… I only remembered when I was almost done with my veggie lasagna with Seitan. They were very yummy and filling.

Then desserts…. the ultimate temptation…. Aquarius’ desserts are just too good and I had to have one. Luckily the husband accepted to share one because I was already stuffed.

We had the date bread pudding. My new favorite. I have to try to replicate it at home.

Accross the table, Naima had the Tiramisu. My old favorite. Yummy too…

Sorry about the bad photos!


40 rue de Gergovie

75014 Paris

Metro: Pernety

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