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Hi yall…

I’m not sure where this blog is going. For some reason, writing about my daily life, food or work doesn’t seem appealing at the moment and I often find myself procrastinating on updating my blog.

All I can think about is: TRAVEL! Us French people enjoy about 11 national holidays and 5 weeks paid vacation a year! Also, most workers, like my husband, also have “RTT days”, which are extra days off to compensate for his working 40 hours a week instead of the legal 35 hours. ah ah ha! Well you understand now that work and money aren’t a priority in this country. Maybe it is also because things like healthcare and education are virtually free. But we are very passionate about our vacations. Try to cut our time off and you will see the French workers down on the street, pounding the pavement with banners and yelling anti-government slogans…. Ah France….

Well being a doctor, the 35 hour work week is a mere utopia and I sure don’t get nearly as many days off as my husband. But every now and then I get to enjoy a 3 day week end and I better make the best of it! And if you ask me where I want to go for a short vacation, my first answer will always be “ITALY!”. I am so in love with this country. But more than going to the major big cities like Rome, Florence or Milan, we like to explore the more remote towns. Since our wedding, almost 4 years ago, we have gone to Italy about once a year. We particularly liked Venice and the Cinque Terre. But this time, Bellagio (on lake Como) was our destination.

After a short flight (1h and 20 min) we arrived in Milan, then took a train to Como (about 1h15), then a hydrofoil to Bellagio (about 50 min). It was quite a trip to get there but once we arrived, we knew we had made the right decision.

We had booked a room at Hotel Florence and it was so romantic:

We spent our days walking around, exploring the nearby fishermen towns, drinking tons of cappucinos, enjoying mid-afternoon snacks of cheese and wine (brought back a bottle of Amarone del Valpolicella, our favorite!) and late nights “italian coffees” with Amaretto ;). Bellagio, “the pearl of the lake”,  is an extremely beautiful town, with 2 18th-century villas (Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi), small tiny streets and an incredible view on the lake!

Here are a few photos. Enjoy!

First, some shots taken while walking around Bellagio:

Lunch at La Punta, the tip of the town with a beautiful view of the lake:

Travis found these intertwined daisies and requested I take a picture of them for his desktop. This turned out to be our favorite photo…..

Walking to Pescallo, a nearby fisherman village:

The gardens of the Villa Melzi:

The view from the villa’s porch. Notice the snowy Alps in the background:

As you could tell from the photos, the weather was quite changing. Here are 2 shots taken from our hotel room. The first one at 9:30 am, before breakfast. Looked like a cloudy day, right?

Well, here is the same view, an hour later, when we got back from our breakfast. Surprise!!!!

We had such a FANTASTIC time! Bellagio is amazing…..

Luckily, we’ll be back in Italy in less than a month. We’ll be in Positano and Pompei with our friends Nick and Melissa for 10 days! Can’t wait to be there and especially to spend time with them!


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Home Sweet Home!

Good morning everyone!

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. The vacation with my friend was really awesome. It felt good being in America again. But the good thing about leaving the husband behind while you go on vacation, is that you are as excited leaving (because you know you going to have so much fun with your friends), as you are coming back home! I think because he and I were away for so long (5.5 years of being 5000+ miles apart), one week without him is the maximum I can do….Pretty cheesy, I know….

Anyways, what’s so cool about travelling to America is that I get to shop at places like Central Market or Whole Foods, and bring back lots of goodies for home!

I love all the veggies in front of the store. Especially the brussel sprout! so cute…

And here is what I brought back:

Peppered organic beef jerky, corn grits, organic mac and cheese, pancake mix and syrup, spicy cinnamon gum, raw honey, a cool muffin pan, and a heart shaped frying pan!

I was so glad I could find my husband’s favorite pancake mixes, from Kerbey Lane Café in Austin, Tx! He loves the gingerbread one but I think my favorite is pumpkin! They are so fluffy and tasty! I also decided to try some Butter Pecan Syrup. Never had it but it sounded so decadent!

I also got these 2 movies:

I LOVED Food, Inc! But I don’t think the DVD will ever come out in France. And believe it or not, I haven’t seen Julie and Julia yet! I missed it when it was in the theaters…. I’m so excited!

Also, one of the things I kept thinking about while I was away is that I should really make (more) time for me and my family. I felt I had lost track of myself and I have consequently decided to reexplore some activities I used to enjoy like shopping at the market on sundays, baking, participating in group classes at the gym, bike riding and running at dawn….. Even my cooking and blogging became very sporadic in the last few weeks before my vacation. And I’m determined to not let this happen again! So hopefully I’ll be able to share some pretty rocking adventures with yall!!!

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